To OCBC, or not to OCBC…

In Just Babble on April 5, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Did u know that OCBC stands for Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation? Cool eh?

So, heres the deal… I just came back from my last day in muadzam 2 days ago (saturday)… went online in kajang, and joined a Facebook group that my friend, Along, created for us finance students who have just graduated… everyone in the group just didn’t seem all that interested in looking for a job… well at least all of them wanted to take a 1 week “rest”… hahaha

I dunno, but i just don’t want to burden my family… thats why, I went online and registered myself on Jobstreet.com… Seriously, i have no experience wutsoever doing these kind of things… i’m just going with the flow… anyways, i registered yesterday, feeling pessimistic and realistic about my chances getting a job online….

then this morning… TADAAAAA… got this call from a lady… she told me that she wanted to interview me for the position of customer service executive (CSE)… thanks to michael and a short discussion i had with him, his views on the position of CSE wasn’t that optmistic… but heck, u know wut, lets just give it a try! I wanted to see if i have wut it takes to start working!!!

If i’m one of the lucky ones chosen, this is the building where I’ll be working at:

Menara TM

Anyways, this is a good place to start my career, and I’m gonna do my best to make my future a reality!!! CHAIYOK!!!!

  1. Hi Shahrel.. like you, I also received a phone call from jobstreet regarding this job at OCBC.. so did you took it? How’s the working environment and what does it REALLY takes to become a CSE? Thank you~

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