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To OCBC, or not to OCBC…

In Just Babble on April 5, 2010 at 4:27 pm

Did u know that OCBC stands for Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation? Cool eh?

So, heres the deal… I just came back from my last day in muadzam 2 days ago (saturday)… went online in kajang, and joined a Facebook group that my friend, Along, created for us finance students who have just graduated… everyone in the group just didn’t seem all that interested in looking for a job… well at least all of them wanted to take a 1 week “rest”… hahaha

I dunno, but i just don’t want to burden my family… thats why, I went online and registered myself on Jobstreet.com… Seriously, i have no experience wutsoever doing these kind of things… i’m just going with the flow… anyways, i registered yesterday, feeling pessimistic and realistic about my chances getting a job online….

then this morning… TADAAAAA… got this call from a lady… she told me that she wanted to interview me for the position of customer service executive (CSE)… thanks to michael and a short discussion i had with him, his views on the position of CSE wasn’t that optmistic… but heck, u know wut, lets just give it a try! I wanted to see if i have wut it takes to start working!!!

If i’m one of the lucky ones chosen, this is the building where I’ll be working at:

Menara TM

Anyways, this is a good place to start my career, and I’m gonna do my best to make my future a reality!!! CHAIYOK!!!!


This is for Lina…

In Just Babble on April 1, 2010 at 2:25 pm

To my dearest sister,

I love you with all my heart. You are just like my own family… I want you to know, whatever life throws at you, and whatever problems you may face in the future, I will be here for you.

Through the good times… and the bad times… if u need a shoulder to cry on… or a face to punch… if you feel so angry and want to let it all out… or if u just feel like talking… if u wanna talk about ure new boyfriend… or a girlfriend… a father… a mother… a brother… or even a sister… if u wanna ask for advice… or need someone to cheer u up with a joke… if u need a helping hand, in anything you do… i want you to know… there is no other person in this world who would be glad to be there for you… You can count on me…

Remember our promise…

2 down, 3 more to go…

In Just Babble on March 23, 2010 at 10:10 pm

seriously, its been ages since I’ve written something on this blog… forgot about it at some point… and then yesterday, my pet sis started up her own personal blog… which got me flashing back to the times when i wrote on my own blog…

oh well…

here’s a low-down of whats been going on so far between december 2009 up till now:

  1. Started classes in december
  2. Got BFF
  3. Seperated from BFF
  4. Got Pet Sis
  5. Still have Pet Sis
  6. Entered Battle of the Bands
  7. Withdrew at the very last minute
  8. Sang in front of people during chinese new year
  9. Sang in front of class during psychology
  10. Malam Apresiasi Dekan
  11. “M”
  12. Futsal
  13. Quizzes
  14. Midterms
  15. Found out about Facebook
  16. Aibob (IS MY LIFE)
  17. Dinners
  18. Going away party (like i sed, i love aibob)
  19. Gambang
  20. Karaoke
  21. Skype (13th wonder of the world)
  22. Trying to get back in shape
  23. and now…. finals…

studying for finals can lead to mental blocks…

anyways, i just wanna express my frustration to Chelsea for playing like shit these couple of weeks… You people suck!!! Not you drogba, ure always the best…

Please feel free to visit my Sister’s new blog: http://linaninastepup.blogspot.com