Raya Review

In Just Babble on September 25, 2009 at 9:52 am

its the 25th of september today… 5 full days after raya… another 3 more days to start back class… ARGHHH malasnye… but lets not dwell on classes… lets think about all the good stuff that raya has brought us and the good memories that we’ve experienced throughout these past amazing 5 days. (Theres gonna be alot of pictures, so if the internet isn’t that good, get out of here now! hahahaha)

Starting of with the bunga apis (plural for api is apis). That nite (still berpuasa) da start main bunga api. SRONOK. But how come all the stuff that we bought takde langsung yang go BOOM??? could only get my hand on the HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSes… but still, it was niiicee….

19092009312nothing gay-er than a big boy playing with fireworks

The next day, we had our raya. After the prayers and the minta maafs (definately not gonna show u pix of that), we had our family photos taken…

20092009350Gambar raya tahun ni… plus my grandma in the middle..

Then we went to the grave to pay our respects to our ancestors… after that, JALAN JALAN CARI MAKAN!!! woohooo!!! no more puasa…

20092009380Bandar diraja Kuala Kangsar

20092009367the famous KK roundabout @ clocktower

Then we went raya-ing with all those who have come in contact with us.. wakakaka! I got a solid 20 houses that day… The next day we went to kedah!!! Ade sedara kat situ… Malam tu tidur hotel.. ye arr, rumah sedara tak muat.. takkan nak tido kat dapur…

21092009440First time in Kedah actually…

End of part 1… part two will be up (kalau rajin… kalau tak, cukup la sampai sini saje… heheh)


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