How To Clean A Fish Pond

In Just Babble on August 30, 2009 at 6:29 pm

ZzZzZzZz… So I was dreaming… REALLY sweet dreams, when suddenly, this screeching high-pitch voice yelled “Abaaaaaaang!!! Bangun tido! Tolong ayah basuh kolam ikan tuh!”… Annoying sister…

So, without further ado, I went downstairs and said, “Hey ayah. Sup man. Need help?”. “Tolong ayah berus tepi kolam ni jap”. “OK”. Heck, I’m home once a month, so I had no reason to feel lazy… It’s just a fish pond anyway… Oh yeah, did i mention that the pond hasn’t been cleaned out in months? uhuh, its THAT dirty.

30082009126Tak sempat mandi pon

Ok, so step one, take out all the fishes and place them in a separate bucket. Make sure the bucket isn’t too small and there is enuff water in the bucket so that the fishes are comfy. Feed them breakfast as well. You might be fasting, but those fishes, they eat all the time…

30082009129rerouting your water filter helps the fish get enough oxygen content in the bucket of water while u clean out the pond

Next, in the cleaning process, use some elbow grease (which means hard work) and scrub out all of the moss and grime, and fish poop out from the surfaces of the pond. Make sure u do this for at least 1 hour (depending on the size of your pond, and the last time you cleaned it. heheheh.

30082009130Use the ‘long-scrubber’ if u hate getting ure hands dirty

After that, take out all of the piping and hoses connecting the pond and the filter and clean them… Thoroughly. Don’t forget to scrub within the pipes. No matter how hard you try, you’ll still get your hands dirty… Trust me.

30082009131My dad cleaning out the filter

After the filter duty, all that’s left is to assemble everything back without screwing up any of the links and you’re all set. But wait, after you’ve put everything back together, don’t go and turn the filter back on just yet. Put the fish in first. This way, your fishes won’t be ‘shocked’ when you move em from one environment to another.

30082009146Make sure all of the connections are… well… connected.

30082009148Tadaa! You’re all set!

30082009153The Final Product

Dah la. It’s 6.30 now, and I’m heading out to berbuka!!! Thanks for reading fellas!!!


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