PNB Quiz Review of Day-1

In Just Babble on August 29, 2009 at 2:13 am

So, the quiz thingy went as smooth as a baby’s butt, and I’m pretty happy with how everything went. This is gonna be a pretty long post, so bear with me people…

well, we all rendezvoused (berkumpul in “french”) at wisma at 8.00 in the morning *yawn* and started with the ice breaking ceremony. Finally figured out who Chow Min was… “Ahhhh, so YOU’RE Chow Min! Nice to meet you. I’m that guy that keeps on calling u late at night to convince u to join the quiz these past few days” Her first smile of the day…

at 8.30, the van arrived, we all got on, and the 3+ hour trip to putrajaya begins…

Picture 002From the left: Chi-chi, Yaya, Nadh, and Sawgi… (my favourite girls)

Lemme tell you about the conditions in the van… we may be smiling in that picture, but our asses were crying. Its the kind of seat that skinny people with no meat in their butts have nightmares of. Other than that, everything was just fine and dandy.

So, we arrived at 12.30 and checked into our rooms. Fairuz, Chai, and myself have a room to ourselves, and our team mates : the girls, managed to stop fighting and made peace with the rooms they got.

1.30, and we’re hungry… Those PNB fellas forgot to mention that lunch wasn’t going to be served, and i was hungry… Didn’t your mom ever tell you that a hungry shahrel, is an unhappy shahrel? hahahahaha…

So, i messaged the gang to come down so that we could go to my hunting ground to eat at ALAMANDA!!! I gave them 10 minutes… (girls… they just take forever to get dressed)… Meanwhile, i played a game of chess with Sawgi… Ure good girl, but not THAT good.. heheheh.

Picture 004at the courtyard…

Eventually, ‘they’ came down and we boarded the van heading towards the magical alamanda… heheh.

At alamanda, we went to BURGER KING… my hunger was raging and finally i gave into my dark side and ordered the double WHOPPER… lemme tell u this, IT WAS GIGANTIC. There goes my slim figure… WAKAKAKAKA…

Picture 007The burger king (far right) and his 4 queens… hahahaha

After strolling around alamanda and buying a few things (apparently, none of us remembered to bring our toothbrushes), we headed back to our rooms and took a few winks…


The quiz was going to be held at night, but those PNB fellas got it right this time and they decided to feed us hungry starving children some food before they started to fry our brains with some pretty hard questions later that evening…

It was a buffet style dinner with some pretty good stuff on the menu… unfortunately, that WHOPPER really got me and that night, i settled for ice cream (10 scoops to be exact… hehek)

Picture 008don’t look at the hair… its just silly

Then we all headed to the ‘examination hall’ (at least, thats wut i call it). There were dozens of tables in the room. each table seated three people. so the room was practically full of smart budding intellects who are all products of thousands of ringgit invested by their parents to fulfill the ‘satu malaysia’ dream of a brighter future. All but me, i’m just the darn reserve (also acting cameraman of the night).

Picture 00sGENIUSES (notice the lack of male participants in the background)

After the quiz, we all retired to our rooms and had another AWESOME SLEEP!!! (the rooms are so frikkin comfortable!!!)

To be continued…..


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