8030 days and counting

In Just Babble on August 15, 2009 at 1:34 am

Yup. It’s my 8030th day on this planet. Equivalent to 264 months or more easily sed, 22 years. Now i feel old mature. It’s not often we appreciate the days that Allah has given us on this beautiful planet. My health, my livelihood, my relationships, my family, i owe all of this to His good graces. Alhamdulillah.

happy_birthday_to_youHappy to reach 22!!!

I’d also like to say THANK YOU TO HARIS BIN MUHAMMAD for showing me a good time in KL today. Here’s a list of the places we went:

  1. Sentral (sarah yummy)
  2. M.V.
  3. SMK Seri Pantai (don’t ask)
  4. SMK Bukit Bintang Boys School (don’t ask either)
  5. Kedai Baju Mak Haris (seriously, why do u even bother asking…)
  6. Rumah Haris
  7. IKANO
  8. The Walk
  9. IKEA

All in 1 day…

To those who’ve wished me just now, THANK YOU!!! and to those who forgot, SHAME ON YOU It’s ok, there’s always next year…

Stuff i ate today… BURP!!! (nak lawan blog illy yang makanannye terlalu bnyk)





Yup, when i reached home, i just couldn’t get that spiderman costume of mine to fit anymore… hehehe

fat-venomIf you’re wondering… DUH!!! OF COURSE ITS NOT ME!!!

  1. HAPPY BDAY TAPIR!!! haahahaha…

  2. thx fieza

  3. owhh…mau lawan ye? it not fair dat i’m here in muadzm ade nasi je…finee…hahaha..

    and happy 22nd birthday!!

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