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In Just Babble on August 12, 2009 at 12:56 pm

A week before the  ‘H1N1 crisis of muadzam’, I was asked by my IF and FT class lecturer (same person) to handle the logistics (mainly transportation) for the participants of the PNB Quiz… It isn’t actually my job to do all this, it’s his job. But its okay. After cursing deep inside my head for many many hours, i finally came to terms with doing his job.

Unfortunately, i did everything he asked except for the transportation part. I didn’t have euff time due to the virus spreading and those hospital muadzam male nurses (MALE NURSES = HAHAHAHA) asked us to evacuate the hostel’s as soon as humanly possible or risk being quarantined for a whole week.

male_nurseIt takes real confidence to wear something like that in public

So anyways, i totally forgot about the “borang permohonan pengangkutan Uniten”. Shit. I had a problem here: The form needed to be signed and approved 3 days before the date of usage, and by the time i head back to muadzam tercinta, it’d be too late. Fortunately, i knew this foundation girl in muadzam who could help me.

Foundation students’ academic calenders didn’t include a mid term break apparently. So i called her. And she agreed to help. She handled everything without even giving a sigh of frustration. RESPECT. Thank you thank you thank you…

Now, i’m waiting for the call from Mr. Misyael (people call him YB for some reason unknown to me) and I’m hoping he’ll approve the application as soon as possible… And if all this turns out well, i know who i owe… Nureftika Isniza.

DSC06393_JPGThis big box causes me lots of trouble

  1. hebat gle la owg tu kn!!

  2. x sangka nama yb pun ade dalam ni hahahaha…little bit shock when you mention my name in your diary…but anyway its okey & thanks hahaha..

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