Nurulnadhirah my HERO!!!

In Funny shyt, Just Babble on August 11, 2009 at 9:34 pm


It’s hard to find a superhero these days. I’m referring to  my PNB Quiz dilemma. All throughout the day, I’ve been making calls, trying to find someone brave enough to replace me on the chopping block. Then i came across this one perfect person. This one pinnacle of light. This one, glimmer of hope… This someone is blissfully named: Nurulnadhirah binti Ahmad Kamil.

DSC01503The hero without the costume

Lets make this straight. I really wanted to join the PNB Quiz, but i think it was for the wrong reasons. Mainly, it was because my target was to win the prize money. So, thats why, i respectfully withdrew myself from the competition. Not to mention, i have 5 midterm examinations that week… which really sucks.

I now owe my life to her (which means 5 large pizzas)… Instead of freaking out about the quiz, i can now freak out about my midterms… MERCI BEAUCOUP Nadh!!!


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